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Transparency Register


How to register?

The guidelines for applicants and registrants give practical information to help you through the initial registration process and the ensuing updates.

Please read them carefully before filling in the form, to know what information you need to provide and in what format.

See also our frequently asked questions

Ideally your entry in the register will be:

1. Transparent - clearly conveying the profile, composition, affiliation and goals of your organisation, in particular as regards activities in Brussels and involving contacts with EU institutions

2. Relevant - giving a clear account of your activities that fall within the scope of the register

3. Accurate - providing the information requested under each heading in a clear, consistent, complete and accurate manner, with added explanation in the ‘complementary information’ box where necessary

4. Well-structured - not too long, not too superficial; including links to further information where relevant

5. Up-to-date - updated regularly, especially as regards activities, contact details, clients and resources (financial and staff).

Who belongs in the register?

Interest representatives.

This means any organisation or individual that engages in activities covered by the interinstitutional agreement, with the objective of influencing the formulation or implementation of policy or legislation, or the decision-making processes of the EU institutions.

These activities may include:

  •   organising or participating in meetings, conferences or events
  •   participating in consultations or hearings
  •   organising communication campaigns, platforms, networks or grassroots initiatives
  •   preparing or commissioning policy and position papers, amendments, opinion polls, surveys, etc.

The register does not apply to individuals acting in a strictly personal capacity and not in association with others.

Good reasons to register

By registering you can: 

  • demonstrate a strong commitment to openness about the interests you represent in your relations with the EU institutions
  • raise your profile in Brussels
  • show your partners and competitors that you are bound by the register’s code of conduct
  • carry out a number of activities that are not possible for unregistered groups.

What does the register entitle you to do?

You must be registered in order to:  

  • request access authorisations to European Parliament premises for individuals who represent your organisation
  • be invited to speak at Parliament’s committee hearings
  • be able to participate in intergroups and other unofficial groupings' activities organised on Parliament premises
  • meet the Secretary-General and Directors-General of the General Secretariat of the Council
  • participate in subject-specific briefings for interest representatives organised by the General Secretariat of the Council
  • participate, in your professional capacity, as speakers in public events organised by the General Secretariat of the Council
  • meet Commissioners, members of their private office (cabinet) and Directors-General at the Commission
  • be invited to join Commission expert groups.

See Conditionality page for more details on which interest representation activities require you to register.