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Transparency Register



The Transparency register is governed by a management board and a secretariat. Articles 7 and 8 of the interinstitutional agreement set out these bodies and their responsibilities.

Management board

The management board oversees the overall implementation of the Transparency register.

It is responsible for:

  • identifying new requirements
  • setting priorities
  • adopts the annual report on the register's performance
  • supervising the secretariat's work.

Following an investigation, registrants can ask the management board to review measures taken by the secretariat. Moreover, EU institutions and EU countries may notify the management board of conditions on contacts with them or complementary transparency measures that they introduce and ask for them to be published on this website.

The management board is made up of the Secretaries-General of the Parliament, the Council and the Commission. They meet at least once a year, and each Secretary-General holds the chair for 1 year.

  • Parliament held the chair in 2022
  • The Council held the chair in 2023
  • The Commission holds the chair in 2024.



The secretariat is in charge of the Transparency register’s daily management. It is made up of staff from Parliament, the Council and the Commission. A coordinator oversees the secretariat and represents it at the management board and public events. In 2024, the coordinator is the head of the unit responsible for transparency in the Council's General Secretariat.

The secretariat:

  • provides guidance to interest representatives about the registration process
  • monitors applicants and registrants' eligibility
  • makes sure the information in the register is of good quality
  • handles complaints about registrants’ non following the code of conduct
  • prepares the annual report
  • raises awareness about the register.